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What Are Others Saying About My Show?

“Dave did such an amazing job, my group had a great time, it was really nice to see each other on camera and having fun together not talking about work. We felt energized after the event. Adding our project / company logo into the magic made the whole thing feel very special.”

Ricardo Praglioli

Business Transformation Program Manager


“David did a phenomenal job with our team social meeting. We have a lot of new people joining our team during this remote work period and it was a nice way for everyone to spend an hour together focusing on things other than work. His communication before the event was excellent, he started on time and he personalized our event in a way that made everyone feel welcomed. He taught us great tricks to use on our family and friends while keeping the mystique of his more complicated routines. If you're worried about how this show translates on Zoom, don't be, it was awesome.”


Christine Imaizumi

Product Design Leader


“It was great having David host a magic session for my team! He is extremely cheerful, warm and humorous. He has a great entertainer personality, as he made the effort to involve and interact with each and everyone of us. We thoroughly enjoyed his magic tricks, jokes and tips he provided for us to try certain tricks ourselves! I'd highly recommend him for any virtual family / team bonding activity. Thank you David, looking forward to e-meeting you again!”

Cherie Neo

SEO Growth Strategist


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An Interactive, Magical and Memorable Online Experience You, Your Team, or Your Family Will Remember for YEARS!

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An experience that did not exist before the pandemic started and now has proven to work very well as a new media to connect and bring joy to employees and family members regardless of where you live.


Imagine a professional magic show in theater but a virtual magic show is much more intimate with everyone will be sitting in the front row just from the comfort of your own home.


David engages your clients, employees, colleagues, family, or friends and gets them to participate in his online magic show actively. The show takes around 45-50 minutes, which will then be followed by a 10-15 minutes mini magic lesson. With a bit of practice, you too will be performing mind-blowing tricks for your family and friends.

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